St. Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 10

July 28, 2017

In our 10th episode we discuss Medical Marijuana, a Police Hooker Sting that goes bad and development in St. Augustine Beach.  Guest Pete Melfi joins the crew.


St. Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 9

June 10, 2017

In this Episode we discuss the week of murder from March 2017, a Florida man's love affair with a Dolphin and Fracking Florida with guest singer/songwriter Jon Bailey at Meehan's Irish Pub.


St. Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 8

November 5, 2016

Guest Kellen Pooler joins the crew to talk about Hurricane Mathew, the Orlando Shooting, Racism and what it was like growing up in Lincolnville.  The crew also debated the best Rap Artitst from the 90's, discussed crazy Florida News, White People using the N word and revisited one of our favorite segments Just Don't Do It!  Also Marshall Malone and Robby Moccio discuss the Comedy Short Human Blanket with Jeremy and Chris Vitali.  


St Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 7 Part 2

June 14, 2016

In Part 2 we discuss Crazy Florida News including LeeAnn's disdain for Casey Anthony, and drunk tourists with firearms.  We also find out who the best local band in St. Augustine is and we start a new segment: Childhood Redneck Stories with LeeAnn as well as our popular segment Just Don't Do It! 


St Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 7 Part 1

June 13, 2016

In this episode St. Augustine Mayor, Nancy Shaver joins Jon, LeeAnn and Jeremy in a discussion of Local Concerns including infrastructure, downtown noise and the Islam Bloody Islam billboard.


St Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 6

March 27, 2016

This episode we feature Madalin Keeble from the St. Augustine Yacht Club promoting Race Week, our guest local Marine Biology expert Zach McKenna tells us everything is going to be okay in Florida (well not exactly), we discuss St. Augustine Race Week, Crazy Florida News, Donald Trump, Sea World and we debate who the best "Old School Rap" group of all time is.  Following the podcast we interview Laszlo Tamasfi, Tom Siedle and Kierney Nelson from the local short film: Grandma. 


St. Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 5

December 28, 2015

In Episode 5 we go back to Meehan's Irish Pub where it all began.  Guest Brittany Alphonso describes her first annual St. Augustine Fashion Week Runway Show coming to the St. Augustine Airport March 3-6.  We also added Local Bartender Derrick Hunt as an additional guest.  


St Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 4

October 10, 2015

This episode features special guest Kevin Crowell.  Kevin is a Minorcan Veteran who received a Purple Heart from his service in Iraq.  He joins Jeremy, Jonathan and LeeAnn to discuss the 450th, Crazy Florida News, PTSD and who his favorite punk band is of all time.


St. Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 3

July 6, 2015

In this episode Brenden Schneck owner of Big Island Bowls food truck joins the St. Augustine Scene crew to discuss the fate of food trucks in St. Augustine.  Other topics discussed are Nancy Shaver's job as Mayor, Same Sex Marriage, Jeb Bush and who the best Country Singer of all time is.  


St. Augustine Scene Podcast Episode 2

April 1, 2015

The Second Episode of the St. Augustine Scene Podcast with Special Guest Amy Hendrickson from the Local Honey Documentary.